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By seniors for everybody

Older people call the shots in the Pop-up Museum Smaak. They decide which works of art will be shown in the art gallery and they guide the tours. The Pop-up Museum Smaak takes place in a residential care facility for frail elderly, which gives them too the opportunity to enjoy works of art. As artistic director and managing director we organize it with a lot of love and pleasure.

Gallery Oldham

Bring Smaak to a care home near you

Gallery Oldham is one of the first museum and art galleries in the country to become Dementia Friendly. We offer a wide range of activities for older people and carers, both here at the gallery and off site. We were introduced to SMAAK in 2016 and wanted to bring the idea to Oldham with a view to showcasing exciting and innovative work taking place in the Netherlands. This exhibition gives you a taste of some of the activities involved in SMAAK and introduces you to some of the participants. Please take a moment to browse the exhibition and fill in our questionnaire. With enough support there may be the chance to bring SMAAK to a care home near you.


Bob Pluijter

As director of the Sint Pieters en Bloklands Gasthuis in Amersfoort (the Netherlands), I am proud that we were the first to host this inspirational Pop-up Museum Smaak. It was a great success and I look forward to more next year! All this could not have been achieved without the fantastic daily care and attention of our staff for the residents.


Agnes van Dieren

I was a carer for my dear mother for twelve years. Many places, and certainly a museum, were not accessible for her in a wheelchair. That was an important motivation for me to become a guest curator for the Pop-up Museum SMAAK. The intense conversations I had during the tour about the works of art have really touched me. Once more I realized the importance of art.



Graffiti, rap and break-dance are elements of hip hop that mainly attract young people. Since 2015, project Old Skool introduces elderly people to these forms of art, music and movement. This was one of the activities with older people during the Pop-up Museum Smaak. An exciting challenge and a great success! A whole new world opens up during a workshop, both for us and for the seniors.


Nan Allaart

I am 88 years old, I still seek new experiences and want to do something. Pop-up Museum Smaak brings liveliness and sociability into our home. I only have to walk through my front door to be in an art gallery. I particularly like the music and dance activities. It's so much fun to get involved with residents and visitors.

Relative resident

Jose Vorstenbosch

My mother-in-law, who is 91 years old, lives in the locked ward of the Sint Pieters en Bloklands Gasthuis. Pop-up Museum Smaak brings liveliness for one month. I'm sure my mother-in-law enjoys that to the fullest. You can see that it does her good to be among people and to have new experiences and we, her family, are happy to see that.


Lily Soselisa

Taste and perception are linked to individual life experiences. The role of art gives older people the opportunity to continue to develop, break the daily routine, find new ways to participate in society, but above all to pay attention to each other in colourful encounters. For me, as a visitor, that is the strength of Pop-up Museum Smaak.

Home staff

Ellen Wielinga

For the residents of our nursing home, Pop-up Museum SMAAK brings the outside world into the home. It allows them to see wonderful works of art and to participate in fun activities that deal with art in all forms. With great enthusiasm for this project, I wholeheartedly say: We're in! And it's a real pleasure to take part and see the residents revel in it.


Jolanthe Lalkens

As a photographic artist it’s an honour to be selected for Pop-up Museum SMAAK by one of the guest curators. The theme of this work is attention and seeing older people in a different light, a perfect fit. I think it’s great that art triggers this conversation.


Please fill in our questionnaires

We'd like to find out your thoughts on this project. You have seen our film and visited our exhibition at Gallery Oldham. Would you like to see this type of activity happening in Oldham? How should this type of activity be funded? Who could be involved in organising activities like this? Do you have any other suggestions and ideas for improving the wellbeing of older people in Oldham?