Archivissima 24

Memory of the World: Time.2024

We recently had the privilege of travelling to Italy, Turin, to organise a fantastic workshop in collaboration with Atelier Heritage. It was an honour to work with the seniors of the community in Bagni Pubblici di Via AgliĆ© and the young people of Instituto Comprensivo “Aristide Gabelli”.
During our workshop on 6 June, we divided the juniors and seniors into pairs of two. The rich memories and passions of the seniors, combined with the fresh energy of the juniors, created an inspiring atmosphere in which the pairs painted each other’s portrait, inspired by Van Gogh.

Lasting and touching connections emerged especially after they added a personal message to the artwork for each other. Our journey together with Atelier Heritage was about more than just art. It was about connecting generations, exploring shared memories and cultural heritage and weaving these threads into a collective story. These moments resonate deeply with the UNESCO Memory of the World programme’s mission to preserve our heritage.

From February 2024, the seniors also worked on a time capsule, an archive box, into which they placed objects, memories, messages, to show future generations, their world and their own passions. Passions because this is also the theme of Festival Archivissima 2024, a festival we were part of. Together with the portraits of Van Gogh created by the seniors and juniors, the time capsules were exhibited at Fondazione Giorgio Amendola during a festive opening on the occasion of the Night of the Archives on 7 June.

Check out the other photo albums of the workshop and the exhibition to get an impression of this beautiful and impressive collaboration, which is sure to be followed up.

Sponsors: Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie and the Dutch Embassy in Italy Cooperation with: Bagni Pubblici di Via AgliĆ©, Instituto Comprensivo “Aristide Gabelli“, Fondazione Giorgio Amendola

Project by: Atelier Heritage, Stichting Smaak