The SMAAK Foundation, founded in 2015 in Amersfoort, organizes art education for vulnerable groups so that they can enjoy art and develop socially, personally, and artistically through art. SMAAK has specialized in working with the elderly. Since 2019, it has also involved young people and brought various generations and different target groups into contact with each other through art. SMAAK operates locally, nationally, and internationally.


2015: Pop-up museum Taste theme: Amersfoort and taste
2016: Pop-up museum Taste theme: Nature(lly) taste
2017: Pop-up museum Taste theme: Deliciously abstract (in the context of 100 years of De Stijl)
2018: Pop-up Museum Taste theme: Identities, who art you?

2020: A Creative Hug for You I
2021: Now Magazine, Now Our World

2021: Body percussion: All Move 2 Groove
2022: A Creative Hug for You II
2023: Participation Culture Education for Tomorrow

The board is managed by:

Chairperson: Theresa Oost  
Secretary/Treasurer: Pieter Olde Meule  
General Board Member: Frans de Kok  

Who does what at SMAAK Foundation:

Director: Marlies Juffermans (owner of Culta and initiator)  
Marketing and Projects: Marie-Jose De Bie (owner of Biezonder the storytelling agency)  
Projects: Andries Potter (owner of Potter Market Research)  

The following documents provide more insight into the SMAAK Foundation:
Articles of Association
SMAAK Multi-Year Plan 2017-2020
SMAAK Multi-Year Plan 2021-2024
SMAAK Year Plan 2022
SMAAK Remuneration Policy
SMAAK Evaluation Pop-Up Museum 2015
Internal Regulations of the SMAAK Foundation
Financial Report 2015 and 2016
Financial Report 2017
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019
Annual Report 2020
Financial Statements 2020
Annual Report 2021
Financial Statements 2021
Annual Report 2022
Financial Statements 2022

SMAAK Foundation has cultural ANBI status.
The SMAAK Foundation is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) with a cultural status. The tax authorities determine whether organizations meet the required objectives and have granted the SMAAK Foundation the cultural ANBI status. Donating to a cultural ANBI is attractive due to additional tax benefits! Individuals can deduct 1.25 times the amount of the donation on their income tax return. Companies subject to corporate income tax can deduct 1.5 times the amount of the donation on their corporate income tax return. This encourages donations to non-commercial art and culture by the government.